How do I use fatCoffee?

It's super simple, and there are basically three options:

Mixing with a Blender or Hand Mixer
If you've got a high speed blender or a hand mixer (like one of these):
  1. Put 8 - 12 fluid ounces of your favorite, freshly-brewed, hot coffee into the blender, or into a large mixing cup if you're using a blend stick.
  2. Pour the contents of one package of fatCoffee in.
  3. Mix for about 20-30 seconds. 
  4. Enjoy a powerfully good cup of fatCoffee®

Shake it Up

By far the easiest way to travel with fatCoffee® is to bring along a small Nalgene bottle like this. It's got two incredibly awesome features:
  • It's small enough to fit easily into a bag or briefcase.
  • The lid locks when you close it.
Here's what you do:
  1. Put your the contents of one package of fatCoffee® into the bottle.
  2. Add hot coffee. (Do this at a coffee shop, particularly when the person behind you orders a non-fat triple skim no-foam latte with extra sugar free caramel mint flavoring.)
  3. Screw the lid on, and flip the pouring spout closed.
  5. Shake it! Keep going for about 20 seconds. 
  6. POINT THE SPOUT AWAY FROM YOUR FACE (Honestly, this should be a no-brainer, but it still needs to be said.)
  7. Flip the locking ring down and depress the spout release button.
  8. That pop is the sound of pure awesomness.
  9. Pour out into a cup. 
  10. Savor your fatCoffee® while the customer behind you wonders how long it's going to be before his drink is ready.
*Caution: When you shake a hot liquid like this, it creates a lot of STEAM and PRESSURE. Both of those are things that will hurt if they hit you in the face. So do us all a favor, and point the opening of the bottle away from your face.

Spin it Like a Ninja

Children of the 80s: this is your chance to finally make use of the knowledge you acquired while watching every last minute of The Karate Kid II. You knew that was going to come in handy, eventually!
  1. Pour out the contents of one package of fatCoffee® into a tall mug (at least 12 oz.)
  2. Add 8 oz of hot coffee.
  3. Watch this scene from Karate Kid II (1986), and watch Mr. Miyagi carefully
  4. Take a small wire whisk, and place the whisking end into the coffee mug.
  5. Grasp the handle of the whisk between your palms, like Mr. Miyagi holding his Den Den Daiko, but upside down.
  6. Pause for a moment to appreciate that, a few moments ago, you may not have known what a Den Den Daiko was.
  7. Now, rub your palms back and forth rapidly, for about 35-45 seconds.
  8. Remove the whisk from the coffee.
  9. Enjoy your fatCoffee®, and make a solemn vow to share your new skill only with the truly deserving.

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